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    Nov 10 2019

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RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk. The risks include: the lack of liquidity in this market in terms of being able to realise investments and the loss of the value of investment. When you invest any loss in value will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
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Beaconsoft Limited

Over 80% of online advertising spend is wasted. Beacon identifies that wasted spend; leading to significant improvements in digital advertising ROI.

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Investment closes only once the total pledged amount passes the minimum of £200,000

Total Pledged: £375,000



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The Problem: $bn’s Wasted in Digital Campaign Marketing 
Globally, companies spent $238bn on digital advertising in 2018; Google and Facebook combined taking  over $150bn advertising revenue between them. However on average 80% is wasted and ROI is very difficult to measure.  Approximately 50% of clicks to a website are "bots", and even 'real human' visitors vary in their engagement with websites.  For individual organisations this is a major issue, wasting budget and time. Organisations need evidenced-based decision making against business-critical campaign goals. The key metric is CPEV (Cost Per Engaged Visitor) not simply CPC (Cost Per Click).

Our Solution: Beacon – Digital Campaign Intelligence to Demonstrably Improve ROI
Beacon uniquely identifies the wasted marketing spend.  Beacon works at campaign level across ALL digital outbound channels; giving direct attribution of an outbound “message” to specific website actions and business campaign goals; improving engagement and sales and significantly reducing costs.  Beacon delivers the holy grail of marketing, delivering direct “posts to profit” attribution.  As a standalone product or as part of your existing MarTech stack Beacon can deliver true Cost Per Engaged Visitor (CPEV) and, via standard interfaces, Revenue Per Engaged Visitor (RPEV) metrics. For the first time marketers can accurately compare costs and revenue across all digital channels, channel by channel, and with their off-line marketing efforts.
Sitting in the MarTech stack and working independently or with data analytics tools (such as Google Analytics), Beacon improves the true value of digital campaign marketing and the full online journey; delivering real (useful) insights and actionable improvements.  Beacon demonstrably beats its competition.
Beacon uses next generation technology to close the gap between digital and web, clearly allowing companies to counter bot traffic and directly attribute digital media activity to human website results; giving rapid time to value.  It delivers the holy grail of “posts to profit”; allowing, for example, direct attribution of posts across multi-channels to specific website activity such as sales, bookings, downloads. 

“Beacon tells you what works and what doesn’t, so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t!”.

Global Reach: to a Growing $5bn Target Market
The target markets are marketing/digital agencies that manage digital marketing campaigns for their clients, organisations that have in-house marketing teams, and volume distributor channels / white label.  If an organisation's business depends on driving the right audience to their web site for meaningful engagement, Beacon will measurably improve their ROI.
According to Stratistics MRC*, the Web Analytics Tools Market is expected to reach $4.9 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 20.8%.

Momentum Achieved: Monthly Increase in Revenue and Customer Volume
Beacon have now established their scalability model and are achieving monthly increases in both revenue and customer numbers.  May 2019 is the 9th consecutive month of growth.

Customer Feedback: Beacon is a Transformational Tool that really does save digital budget
The product is now live and generating revenue. Pipeline and customer numbers are growing steadily month by month. Customer validation has been achieved, with positive case studies now available.
"Beacon saves us £3,000 a month by optimising our clients' digital marketing spend" (Dan Smith, CEO, Fireworkx - ranked UK top 10 agency by The Drum)

We are early adopters of Beacon and having tested the market, nothing gives insight and returning benefits like Beacon. This is a transformational tool.” (Buz Ross, MD, Whitwam, customer).

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Deal Manager
Dermot Hill

  • Sector: Technology / IT / Software
  • Region: UK: London
  • Stage: Early Stage - some revenues, pre-profit
  • Eligible Tax: EIS
  • Board Requirement: Will consider further board appointments
  • Pre Money Valuation: £2,400,000
  • Share Price: £0.22
  • Originator: Stakeholderz
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Originator: Stakeholderz

Investment Focus: Equity, Debt, Property, Secondary Market (i.e. buying shares from existing shareholders), and Cryptocurrency

About: Stakeholderz is a unique equity funding platform that introduces high quality, early stage investment opportunities to Investing Directors and further experienced investors and executives. As the Stakeholderz name suggests, this programme is about managing a stream of high quality ventures, senior executive talent, an investor base and the combination of all three to drive interest in investment opportunities and fundraising. The Stakeholderz Venture Committee oversees the selection of suitable ventures for the platform, and matches them with Investing Directors. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Stakeholderz champions lead Investing Directors who are chosen by ventures to take on key executive roles and accelerate fundraising.

Contact Name: Dermot Hill

  • Registered Investors
    100 - 250
  • Investment through platform
    Up to £1m