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Investor Q&A

When will the investment complete?

The investment will only complete once the Minimum Amount has been raised and all legals and conditions precedent are satisfied as outlined in the Investment Agreement. For further information, please refer to the Investment Agreement on the Platform. You will then get a Completion Notice by email.

What happens if the MINIMUM amount is not reached?

Your Pledge is Cancelled and you are not obliged to conduct any further action, nor will you be required to transfer any  funds.

Do I transfer investment funds now?

No, you are making a binding pledge.

When do I transfer investment funds?

You will receive a Completion Notice once the Minimum Amount has been raised and all legals and conditions precedent are satisfied. You will have 14 days to transfer the Funds.

How will I transfer the funds?

Depending upon the amount of the investment you will be given a choice of either debit card (under £5,000) or by direct Bank Transfer. This will be outlined in the Completion Notice.

Am I making a legally binding pledge to invest?

Yes, by accepting the Investment Agreement and pressing the INVEST button you are making a binding commitment to invest the amount stated (although you have 14 days to CANCEL), subject to the Minimum Amount being raised and all legals and conditions precedent being satisfied as outlined in the Investment Agreement.

Can I change my mind once I have Accepted the Investment Terms below and press INVEST?

Yes, you will have 14 days from date you click Accept, to cancel your Pledge. You can go to the My Account section and Cancel the Pledge.

Where will I be able to see my Investment?

If you log onto Your Account you will see the status of your investment

How will I monitor my Investment?

There is a full Investor Relations portal where you can find updates, reports, notices and ongoing shareholder Q&A.

When will I get sent my Share Certificate and tax forms?

You will receive the Share Certificates direct from the Investee Company within 30 days of completion and the tax forms within 7 days of the Company receiving them from the tax office.

Is it risky investing into the types of deals on the platform?

Yes, it can be and you need to be fully aware of the fact you can lose the total value of your investment (no more)

What is the most likely method in which investors get a return?

Typically, this is through a trade sale.  Please refer to the exit section of the company’s plan.

What due diligence has been conducted on the deals promoted on the platform?

Every company has signed off disclosures relating to all liabilities and ownership of assets.  Please review the documentation for each Deal.  No detailed commercial due diligence has been undertaken.

Does platform review the Q&A section for each company on the platform?

No, this is an open forum.

Do you advise as to where to invest?

No, we do not give investment advice.

Why do I need to provide details such as my address and nationality before I invest?

This is required to satisfy Anti Money Laundering regulatory requirements

Can I get involved with businesses in which I have invested?

Yes, in fact we encourage involvement and support especially where investors can add value.

How is the company's valuation (share price) determined?

The company sets its own valuation (share price), although it is highly likely guidance will be given from advisors experienced in this field.


Stakeholderz is a unique equity funding platform that introduces high quality, early stage investment opportunities to Investing Directors and further experienced investors and executives. As the Stakeholderz name suggests, this programme is about managing a stream of high quality ventures, senior executive talent, an investor base and the combination of all three to drive interest in investment opportunities and fundraising. The Stakeholderz Venture Committee oversees the selection of suitable ventures for the platform, and matches them with Investing Directors. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Stakeholderz champions lead Investing Directors who are chosen by ventures to take on key executive roles and accelerate fundraising.


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The content of this webpage should not be construed as financial advice. Any decision to invest should be made only on the basis of the relevant documentation for each investment. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of an investment may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Investments in small unquoted companies carry an above-average level of risk. These investments are highly illiquid and as such, there may not be a readily available market to sell such an investment. Stakeholderz does not provide specific individual advice on the suitability of investments with regard to a potential investor's individual circumstances, risk tolerance or investment objectives and investors should seek independent financial advice if they are in any doubt whether a product is suitable for them.Please click here to see the full Risk Warning.

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